The 10 Jobs with the Biggest Gender-Pay Gap in Seattle

Gender pay gap is the harsh reality of today’s society. It is a fact that if a man and a woman are doing the same job, the man is likely to be paid higher wages for his hours as compared to a woman. This fact was recently reiterated again when the analysts at 24/7 Wall Street used the data from 2008-2017 from BLS to find the worst job a woman can do on the basis of weekly gender pay inequality. This inequality exists in 150 full-time wage as well as salary occupations.

The analysts discovered that most of the industries that had the largest gender pay gaps were dominated by males. Among the top 10 titles mentioned in the list, females who work as personal financial advisers had to face a wide pay discrepancy as they earned less than USD 1000 in a week while the weekly wage for men doing the same work is USD 1662. Hence, 58.9 percent disparity still exists.

The top occupations mentioned in the list are listed right here. The numbers mentioned are the women’s earnings as a percentage of men.

  1. Personal financial advisers – 58.9
  2. Administrative managers -62.2
  3. Securities, commodities and financial services sales agents – 64.3
  4. Emergency medical technicians – 65.5
  5. Sales representatives, services – 67.7
  6. Housekeeping supervisors – 68.8
  7. Real estate brokers/ sales agents – 70.7
  8. Financial managers – 71.1
  9. Production supervisors – 71.1
  10. Retail sales supervisors – 71.7

This data is not shocking given the fact that the Bureau of Labor Statistics has mentioned that women who are working on a salary or taking full-time wages earn 20 percent less than the men who are in the same position. There is a dire need to fix the situation to remove all inequalities.

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